Performance recognition
that will supercharge
your sales team.

Curvy Road Incentives, in conjunction with Curvy Road and Corporate Sales Awards, offers unique sales incentive award programs that provide your top sales people with the recognition that really motivates them!

More traditional sales incentives (and contest award) programs do reward your sales people, but can’t provide the recognition that they’ll get by driving an exotic vehicle for a week, (that you’ve awarded them)! Steer your sales team’s efforts toward the most profitable product lines, segments, and sales activities by incentivizing specific results..

For a fraction of the cost of a typical award trip to Hawaii or some other travel destination, your top sales people will have bragging rights as they pull up in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or other exotic car, to show their friends, clients, and family how much you, their employer, appreciate their sales achievements.

Our Clients’ Sales Teams filled their pipelines & brought in more business than ever before. So Will Yours.

World-Class Sales Teams Deserve World-Class Rewards.

Our fleet includes a dozen high performance luxury and exotic automobiles. Here are just a few examples of our extensive collection. You can see our full fleet at

About Our Founder

Curvy Road’s founder, George Kiebala, was a sales vice president at Experian Database Marketing for two decades. His experience taught him, first-hand, the value of providing sales people with recognition, versus awards which they could simply buy on their own, and tying that recognition to achieving specific sales goals.

Read more about George in this recent interview with the Daily Herald Business Ledger.