Awards that gives sales people what they really want – Recognition!


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Incentivize Your Sales People with the Award that Gives them What They Really Want - -  RECOGNITION!


Curvy Road Incentives, in conjunction with Curvy Road and Corporate Sales Awards, offers unique sales incentive award programs that provide your top sales people with the recognition for which they strive!

More traditional sales incentives and contest award programs do reward your sales people, but don't provide them with the recognition that they'll attain by driving an exotic vehicle, that you've awarded them, for a full week.

For a fraction of the cost of a typical award trip to Hawaii or some other travel destination, your top sales people will have bragging rights as they pull up in a Ferrari or Maserati to show friends, clients, and family how much you, their employer, appreciate their sales achievements. 


About Curvy Road. Since 2000, this innovative firm has been providing an alternative to ownership of exotic and high-end luxury automobiles, which allows shareholders to own driving rights to a portion of a great vehicle they’d like to drive throughout the year without the high costs and hassles associated with outright purchase. 

Curvy Road's founder was a sales vice president at Experian Database Marketing for two decades where he learned, first hand, the value of providing sales people with recognition, versus awards which they could simply buy on their own, and tying that recognition to achieving specific sales goals.

By combining the unique access to exotic vehicles that Curvy Road provides with an innovative sales and employee incentive program, our clients have been able to experience huge increases in sales, employee morale, and sales force motivation. All of this translates to improved business and a great working environment for the whole company.   


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